Digital Gem Token

A decentralized open source store of value cryptocurrency that is more environmentally friendly and scaleable than Bitcoin.

Digital Gem is a great store of value because its inflation rate is only 0.25% per year compared to fiat currencies where the inflation rate is around 3% per year.
Digital Gem Token is faster than Bitcoin because it can achieve 100 transactions per second compared to Bitcoin's 7 transactions per second. Also, Digital Gem's block time is 8 seconds compared to Bitcoin's 10 minutes so transactions are sent in 8 seconds with Digital Gem.
It is also more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin because it uses 0.0000062253% of the daily electricity as Bitcoin.
Digital Gem Token is 100% live as of 6/2/2019
Bitcoin's Problem


One of the main problems of Bitcoin today is its massive energy consumption.

If bitcoin is ranked by energy consumption, it consumes more energy than Switzerland and Columbia and is about to overtake the Czech Republic.

The other problem of Bitcoin is that it is not scaleable. As a store of value, 7 transactions per second is not too bad compared to physical gold's zero transactions per second. However, compared to Visa's 150 million transactions per day or 1700 transactions per second, Bitcoin is not that good.

Digital Gem's Solution


Digital Gem uses the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism which uses 1,040.4 / 167,124,241 = 0.0000062253% of the daily electricity usage as Bitcoin.

Delegated Proof of Stake can also perform vastly improved transaction speeds as compared to Bitcoin's Proof of Work.

Delegated Proof of Stake, in which Digital Gem is based, can easily handle 100+ transactions per second and that is a conservative estimate.

Also, Digital Gem Token's block time is 8 seconds so transactions can be received in 8 seconds compared to Bitcoin's 10 minute block time.


Tax Benefits

Digital Gem Token's low inflation rate means that the coin's value will be preserved even if you do not stake the tokens.

The low inflation rate of Digital Gem is also great for tax purposes because Digital Gems are mostly only taxable when you decide to sell them. 

Other proof of stake coins usually have a very high inflation rate which forces you to stake your coins or get left behind the inflation curve. A disadvantage to that is that there is taxable income generated everytime you receive a staking reward.