Digital Gem Wallet - Accessing your tokens

Get the wallet and add a network.​

  1. Download and install the latest release of the ARK Desktop Wallet.

  2. On initial install, you will be forced to choose ARK network. Choose ARK. You will add your new network soon.

  3. Now that you're in the wallet with the ARK network, you'll need to add a new network, your network.

  4. Click the Cloud icon in the bottom left area, then Manage Networks.

  5. Click Add a new network.

  6. The name of the network is DigitalGem

  7. The description is Mainnet

  8. The seed server is

  9. Click Fetch.

  10. Click Save.

Note: If you are using the Mobile wallet, the seed server is

Add a profile and link it to that new network.

  1. Click the Profile Image in the bottom left area of the wallet.

  2. Click Add Profile.

  3. Name your new profile and specify other parameters.

  4. Choose Digital Gem as the network of this profile.

  5. Choose appearance parameters. You may want to give the wallet a different look to let you know you are in a different profile from the ARK network.

  6. Press Done.